How often should I be using my VitalFlo device?

You should be using your VitalFlo device to take two spirometry tests per day: One in the morning (between 6-10am) and one in the evening (between 6-10pm)

How do I turn on my VitalFlo device?

Your VitalFlo device will automatically turn on when it is in range of your phone and you have opened the VitalFlo Application. After a period of inactivity your VitalFlo device will automatically turn off.

How often should I charge my VitalFlo device?

It is recommended that you plug in your VitalFlo device every night to charge. The micro-USB charging cord can be used for this.

Do I need to be connected to wifi in order for my spirometry test to save?

You can still take a spirometry test even if you are not connected to wifi – however your test results will not fully upload to the application until you are connected. This means that if you use your VitalFlo device while away from a wifi connection, you must re-open the application at a later time (when you are connected to wifi) in order for your test results to sync.

Where should I set up my outdoor PurpleAir device?

It is recommended that your outdoor device is installed high enough off the ground (at least 1 foot) so that it is able to pick up moving air. The associated power supply should be high enough that it can not be covered by snow or water. The power supply should also be positioned so that the USB cord attaches to the bottom of the device and the cord runs down out of the supply. The sensor should be placed in a shady location out of direct sunlight and away from local sources of pollution such as grills or vents. A drip loop can be used to prevent water running down wires and into the electronics.  If you are having trouble setting up your outdoor or indoor device please call (919) 576-9598 and we will connect you with a VitalFlo team member who can conduct a home visit and set up the device for you.

Who should I contact if my devices are not working properly or if I need troubleshooting help?

You may contact or call (919) 576-9598 for help with your VitalFlo device kit, PurpleAir devices or your Letsfit Smart Band.