July 14, 2021
Written by

Luke Marshall, PhD

VitalFlo Raises $2.14M Seed Round Led by Geekdom Fund

Raleigh, NC — July 13, 2021 — VitalFlo, the predictive medicine platform for chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, today announced it has secured $2.14 million in seed funding led by Geekdom Fund, who were joined by Elevate Capital, Lontra Ventures, Front Porch Venture Partners, and Purpose Built Ventures.

VitalFlo’s Remote Respiratory Monitoring platform helps health providers and clinical researchers connect with their asthma and COPD patients, and collect vital clinical quality data virtually.

After experiencing rapid growth and expansion with Allergy & Asthma clinics, Primary Care clinics, and Clinical Research teams, VitalFlo will use the new funding to scale up the business and grow its teams in Raleigh, NC and its new Portland, OR office to meet the demand for its remote patient monitoring and predictive medicine products.

“We are thrilled our investors are eager to join us in our vision to improve patient care and health outcomes for those with chronic respiratory disease,” said Luke Marshall, VitalFlo founder and CEO. “VitalFlo helps doctors keep their patients safe and healthy, with in-home tracking and forecasting of lung function, symptoms and environmental triggers.”

VitalFlo has realized significant growth since its commercial launch last year, and its ability to provide in-home monitoring of respiratory patients has been a key driver of that growth. VitalFlo has grown the number of patients under contract by 17X over the last 12 months.

“Especially in the wake of COVID-19, it has never been more apparent that predictive medicine products like VitalFlo are needed to improve our ability to deliver care when and where it is needed most,” said Mike Troy, Managing Partner at Geekdom Fund.

VitalFlo emerged from the patient care and research experiences of its Clinical Advisors, Dr. Michelle Hernandez and Dr. David Peden of UNC School of Medicine and in collaboration with researchers at NC State University. They identified an acute need for home respiratory monitoring for patients with asthma. This research has continued at VitalFlo with support from the National Science Foundation.

VitalFlo built its platform to address the needs of both doctors and patients through clinically validated tools and systems. The company continues to grow the capabilities of its predictive medicine platform, and is excited by the reception in the clinical practice and research markets.

About VitalFlo

VitalFlo is a predictive medicine platform for chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. By running machine learning models across a unique dataset of remotely monitored patient lung function, symptoms and environmental triggers, VitalFlo’s clinical decision support helps identify patients who are at-risk of a health decline and provides patients and their doctor with alerts to get them back on track. VitalFlo has offices in Raleigh, NC and Portland, OR. For more information about VitalFlo, visit https://www.vitalflohealth.com/

About Geekdom Fund

Geekdom Fund is an early stage, B2B venture fund that backs entrepreneurs in Texas and beyond who are delivering innovative and disruptive solutions to small, medium and enterprise-level customers. For more information, please visit: www.geekdomfund.com

Written by

Luke Marshall, PhD