Manage your respiratory patients at home

Pulse Oximetry is simply not enough to proactively manage your COPD and asthma patients at home. VitalFloHOME powers remote spirometry, symptom and medication tracking to provide a comprehensive remote respiratory solution.

The most comprehensive solution for remote respiratory monitoring

VitalFloHOME makes home-based spirometry easy and intuitive for patients, while producing reliable and comprehensive data for their providers.

With the data you need – including spirometry, patient symptoms, medication adherence, and more – your provider team can proactively manage their COPD, asthma and lung transplant patients more reliably and effectively.


Intuitive coaching and feedback

With screen-by-screen guides, patients receive multi-language support on how to correctly and consistently use their devices. With customizable automated alerts, care team instructions are delivered exactly when your patients need them.


Reliable, actionable data

With customizable workflows and reporting, VitalFloHOME makes proactive respiratory management easy on your provider team. They get the data and tools they need to work proactively with their patients.


Proactive, preventative care

Get the spirometry, symptom and adherence data your team needs to proactively manage patients and deliver preventative interventions. With automated customizable alerts and reporting, VitalFloHOME makes cross-functional care coordination easier, to keep your COPD, asthma and transplant patients healthy at home.


When is the last time your clinical team said that about their respiratory management platform?