VitalFlo RapidPFTTM

Full loop PFT in under 3 minutes, anytime, anywhere.

With RapidPFT by VitalFlo, clinics finally have the ability to perform full loop PFTs in under 3 minutes. RapidPFT allows you to bring the test to the patient, in the clinic or at home, with real-time reporting of results.

The RapidPFT is a fast and easy workflow that is completely in-app, from setup to validated full-loop PFT, in your preferred tablet or smartphone.

Screen more patients more quickly, while saving valuable staff time and improving quality of care for your patients.


Full loop PFT flow loops in under 3 minutes


RapidPFT can be performed anytime, anywhere: in-clinic and at-home

At-Home Ready

Easily enroll patients in VitalFlo remote patient monitoring


ATS compliant, trusted by world-renowned academic researchers


Save valuable staff time with quick set-up and onboarding

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